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get dubai visa

Dubai is an incredible country to visit. Most people travel to Dubai to enjoy the holidays, shop and relax. Some also travel to visit family, work and find a new life.

Despite people visiting Dubai often, it could still be a lot of hassle for a first timer to obtain a visa if such person doesn’t have the required information. This guide will provide you with all you need to apply for a visa. First, you have to decide the type of visa required base on your purpose of visit to Dubai.

get dubai visa

Here are the types of visa available in most countries:

1. The 96 hour visa

This is for people travelling for a very short period of time probably for a business meeting and others. This visa is valid for a period of four days.

2. The 14 day visa

This is a single entry visa for individuals traveling to Dubai for a period of 14 days.

3. The 30 day single entry visa

This is available for individuals traveling to Dubai for not more than 30 days. It is a single entry visa that cannot be extended.

4. The 30 day multiple entry visa

This is for individuals traveling to Dubai multiple times within a 30 day period. A holder of this form of visa can go in and out of Dubai within 30 days.

5. The 90 day single entry long term visa

This is for individuals traveling for a long period of time mainly for the purpose of business, visiting, medical treatments or holiday tourism.

6. The multiple entry 90 day VISA

This type of visa is similar to the multiple entry 30 day visa as the individual can move in and out of Dubai within the validity.

It is an easy process to apply for Dubai visa so far as you meet all the requirements and process necessary documents. All you need is to be careful and adhere to instructions.

Step 1. Determine If You are Eligible To Travel And Prepare Your Documents

This is important. You are advised to determine your eligibility to travel before you start making arrangements. There are documents to be prepared before any Nigerian is allowed to visit Dubai.

1. International Passport

2. Coloured passport photographs

3. Visa application form

4. Nigerian passport

5. Health insurance

6. Letter of invitation

7. Proof of sufficient funds

8. Complete itinerary record

Step 2: Fill the necessary application form

To fill your forms, you are to visit a visa application centre and complete your application.

You can also carry out your application electronically by filling your forms and uploading all the required documents as stated above.

If you have people travelling with you such as relatives, they must also download, fill and sign their forms as appropriate. If there is an applicant below 18 years, the forms should be signed by the parent or guardian.

Step 3. Pay your application fees

After filling the forms, the next step is to pay your visa application fee.

It is essential you collect your receipts after payment.

Step 4. Submit your visa application documents

Be sure your documents are complete and included in your application package for submission.

After submitting your documents, processing will follow and your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer.

If your application is approved, you will be contacted otherwise, an explanation will be be sent on why it is declined.

Here are some tips to improve the processing of your application:

  • Be sure to send all required documents and informations.
  • Make sure you include your current contact information such as phone numbers, mailing address, email address and fax.
  • Ensure your application package is complete.
  • Do not omit signatures in form.

That’s it, guys! That’s all you need to know regarding how to apply for dubai visa from your country alongside other basic requirements you should know.

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