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best jobs for graduates In canada

So, you are now a graduate and looking to pursue a career not in your country, but in Canada? That’s awesome, if you ask me. Or perhaps, you are not yet done with school but looking to get an insight on the best jobs in canada for graduates? You are welcome on board!

Now, if you think the journey is going to be as simple as ABC, you may want to think again. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. We aim to provide you with the basic tips and guides you need relating to Immigrating to Canada. Not only do we share tips relating to moving to Canada, we tend to also share tips relating to living in Canada and yes, that includes getting a job.

In this post, we will be looking at some of the best jobs in Canada for graduates. These are solely for graduates with a degree. If you do not have a university degree, it’s fine. There are jobs you can still do in Canada.

best jobs for graduates In canada

Canada as you’ve probably heard, is the most sort after country of residence for most people. This is as a result of the benefits that comes with living in the country.

If you are not a graduate yet and you aim to build a career in Canada, your best bet would be finishing from a school in Canada. If you can make that happen, then great!

As an immigrate, to work in Canada, depending on the job of course, you will need a work permit. Thankfully, not all jobs in Canada requires having a work permit. There are a few jobs that doesn’t.

Getting a work permit or visa for foreign students graduating from a Canadian university is pretty straightforward. There are guides online that you could follow to get that sorted out.

Having gotten a work visa or permit, the rest isn’t so difficult; hopefully.

Best Jobs In Canada For Graduates

Having sorted out your work permit, these are some of the best jobs in Canada you can opt in for as a graduate.

  1. Business and Commerce
  2. Computer sciences
  3. Dentistry – BEST
  4. Engineering
  5. Forestry
  6. Law
  7. Medicine
  8. Nursing
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Therapy and Rehab
  11. Veterinary Medicine

Our definition for best here relates to the highest paying jobs in Canada for graduates. From the list above, I’m sure you can tell that Dentistry carries the BEST tag. This is because compared to the rest on the list, Dentistry is the highest paying. Besides, you can tell that most of the jobs in the list above are in the medical field.

However, as fascinating as it sounds, those jobs are often not in list of the highly demanded jobs. Though they pay higher, they are often not in high demand compared to the below jobs:

  1. Air Traffic Controller
  2. Engineering Manager
  3. Health & Community Service Manager
  4. Mapping Technologist
  5. Mining and Forestry Manager – BEST
  6. Oil and Gas Drilling Supervisor
  7. Power Systems Operator
  8. Public Administration Director
  9. Senior Business Manager
  10. Statistician and Actuaries

P.S: Though you most likely will be interested in the higher paying job, we’d advise you choose a career around what you studied in school. Preferably something you have passion for. This will help on the long run.

To get jobs in Canada, it’s necessary you know how to relate fluently in either English or French. You should also know how to interact with fellow team members and colleagues.

You can decide to start by doing any of the jobs that are in high demand and then scale up to the higher paying ones. This can be very necessary for your CV which in turn, increases your chance of getting better jobs in Canada. Good luck!

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