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best cities for jobs in canada

Canada as a country has high employment rates and very few people who live in Canada lack jobs. Although the trend overall shows a growth in the number of part-time jobs positions. But then there are still many full-time job opportunities in Canada.

According to, a report showed that the city of Regina in Canada is the best city to find a full-time job opportunity.

Still, below, we will analyse the city of Regina along with 9 other cities that are highly suitable for job seekers in Canada. They are;

1. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The city has unemployment rate on 57.2% and it also has a high life satisfaction score of 7.9. If you wish to work here, you need to factor in many other side expenses like the average 1-bedroom rent cost, the average household income, the transit bus costs, the average restaurant costs for dinner for one or two persons and more.

The top rated restaurants in Regina is Flip Eatery and Drink according to Regina is a good city in Canada to find job opportunities. They have a population of over 202,000 people.

2. Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is another top city in Canada that has a high employment rate. The population is over 1,120,000 people and the life satisfaction score is 7.87. Rent for a one-room apartment is around $1,162. Overall Edmonton makes a great location for job hunting.

3. Guelph, Ontario

This city located in Ontario called Guelph is a great place to job hunt in Canada. It has an employment rate of 55.9% and the population in the city is 131,200. Rent for a one-room apartment is around $1,055 and the city has a high life satisfactory score.

4. Oshawa, Ontario

If you are job hunting in Canada, Oshawa located in Ontario is another city to give a try. The city has a full time employment rate of 53.6% and the population is estimated to be around 176,400 people. Rent for one room apartment is $900.

5. Calgary, Alberta

Inside the cosmopolitan Alberta city is located Calgary. This city is found at the centre of Canada’s oil industry. This means that there will be many different job opportunities here. It has an employment rate of 53.8% and the rent for a room apartment is $1,233 dollars.

6. Saint John, New Brunswick

This city has a full-time employment rate of 53% and the population of over 105,000 people. Saint John also has a life satisfaction score of 8.12 which is quite high. To rent a one-room apartment, it costs $704 and tye chances of landing a job is very likely here.

7. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto has an employment rate of 50.3% and the population in this city is over 5 million people. The city has a life satisfaction score of 7.81 and rent for a one-bedroom apartment is up to $1,600. But there is an abundance of job opportunities in Toronto.

8. Quebec City, Quebec

The city has an employment rate of over 53% and it has a high life satisfaction score of 8.1. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $752 and the population is about 677,000 people. Quebec City is another top spot for job opportunities.

9. Peterborough, Ontario

You will find a lot of educational institutions, tourism companies and healthcare institutions to work in inside Peterborough. It has a jobless rate of 5.2%.

10. Halifax

With a jobless rate of only 5.7%, Halifax is fast becoming a technological and start-up city hub. With the absence of big city traffic jams, Halifax is very suitable for you to work and live in.

The ten cities we outlined above are top cities in Canada to go job hunting in. Though they are not the biggest cities in Canada, but many jobs lay hidden in these not-too-popular cities mentioned above.

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