Highest Paying Jobs That Are In-Demand In Canada

Getting trained for a job in Canada that will bring in the big bucks is not a bad idea but your efforts will be futile if you can’t find work in your field. If you are planning on getting a new career, it’s best knowing which high paying jobs are in demand.

Here are some high paying jobs in Canada That Are IN-Demand

Sales Representatives

According to the HR firm, what you take home will depend on the commission you earn, so the more you sell, the more you earn.

Business Management Consultant

Business management consulting remains in high demand as business need professional advice on how to be more productive. Specializing in fields like tech or hospitality, you will need a business degree and industry experience in your chosen field.

Account Manager

Account managers are crucial to business success as they do not only find new clients,they do what it takes to keep clients. This is why creative thinking and business know-how are among the top requirements for a job.

Aerospace Engineer

The aerospace industry are expected to grow as the Canada’s fleets of aircraft are becoming old and out of date. Aerospace engineer will lead the way toward new, more environmentally sound and safer aerospace systems.


If you like crunching numbers,an accountant will crunch the numbers for you so you don’t have to. Accounting is a good career as you will be able to find work almost everywhere, with clients ranging from business to private individuals.

Business Analyst

Business analysts combine financial savvy and tech skills to help business streamline their processes and work more efficiently.

IT Project Manager

IT project manager oversees the development of tech projects,working with a variety of other tech professionals. You will need a business, tech background, time management and people skills.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learner engineer develops artificial intelligence systems. The government’s pan-Canadian artificial intelligence strategy may help drive the demand for machine learning engineers this year.

Industrial Technician

There is a demand for skilled trades such as industrial electricians. There is a shortage of qualified workers in this area and if you have the experience and skills.


Welders are greatly needed in the manufacturing sector. If you want to hugely improve your earning potential,qualify as an underwater welder or earning potential.


Pharmacist are in great demand. The aging Canadian population and the increasing number of retailers that now include pharmacies.


A growing awareness of the necessity of mental health means a growing demand for psychologist. Your income will depend on how many patients you take on.

Vocational Instructor

Teachers are in demand but if you want to earn good money, look at becoming an instructor. Industry experience is more important than a string of academic qualifications and teaching part time will help you retire at 50.

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are in great demand in Canada. With aging baby boomers requiring more healthcare and many registered nurses reaching retirement age themselves.

Family Physician

Doctors of all kinds are still in high demand in Canada. Qualifying as a family physician takes years of study but the huge salary you will earn will help you to pay off your student loans fast.

Aircraft Pilot

Being an aircraft pilot is a job that helps to retire early. You don’t need to work for one of Canada’s big airlines. You can also find work in the logging, mining, firefighting or medical.

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