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single mums in canada

As a single mum with a kid or kids living in Canada, you are faced undoubtedly with lots of responsibilities. You have to take care of your children and make sure that they have everything they need to live a comfortable life in Canada. This means that your finances have to be a very good.

Money is very essential when raising a family especially children. But many times we find that fully concentrating on our jobs and on making money makes out only a little amount of time to spend with the children.

As a single mum you are left to figure out how you can balance out your career and family time of which both are very essential.

single mums in canada

In this article, we will be giving out a number of tips to help you easily balance your family life and career as a single mum. Let’s check them out below;

1. Go for jobs that allow for flexibility and are very “single parenting” friendly

Not all jobs will allow the flexibility that is needed for career and family balancing. But there are certain jobs that we will recommend below for you as a single mom that you can consider.

A. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers organize financial transactions and sort the books for their clients. Bookkeepers can earn up to $60 an hour in Canada. Also, many companies are now open to the idea of hiring bookkeepers that work from home so it can be an in-house job. As a single mom in Canada, this job will help balance career and family.

B. Proofreading jobs

The more experienced you get as a proofreader, the higher you earn per hour. Proofreaders are writers who pay attention to details. This job gives you time as a mom.

C. Virtual Assistant Jobs

An experienced virtual assistant can earn up to $75 an hour in Canada.

D. Grant Writers Jobs

You can work online and from home as a salaried grant writer in Canada.

2. Delegate house works and accept help

Just because you are a single parent does not mean that you have to do everything all alone. If you have adult siblings, family members and close friends that are available and willing to help out, you can accept their offers.

Maybe you will be spending more time at work nowadays, you can get a trusted friend to stay with the kids. Don’t be afraid to delegate some responsibilities to volunteers.

3. Discuss with your work manager

You will need to be open with your manager at work about the situation of things with you that is, if you work with an employer. Sharing your situation and discussing with the manager about it will increase the level of sympathy that your manager or boss will have about the situation.

And that means they will be likely to understand whenever you are unavailable for a particular work demand or if you suddenly need to work from your house due to your kids and other related situations.

4. Create a routine of family tasks and general responsibilities

You can make a meal schedule, a scheduled time for homework, a set aside time for family and so on. Whatever important things that you want to do during the week, you can pencil them down into a timetable so that you can just follow the same routine week after week. This makes things easier for you to handle and makes things less overwhelming.

In conclusion, being in Canada as a single mom has its advantages as you have a number of job opportunities that are flexible. Be sure to follow the few tips we gave above to balance your family life and career well.

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