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study in canada

If you study in Canada, you need to have a study permit. The thing with study permits is that, they expire. This calls for extension of one’s study permit. If your study permit has expired, you have limited time to spend in Canada without applying for a new study permit. In this article, we will try to enlighten you on what to do to extend your student study permit while you study in Canada.

Firstly, you should know that you are to apply 3-4 months before the expiry date of your current study permit.
Secondly, you can apply from within Canada.

Thirdly, it costs $150CAD for application and $85CAD for biometrics.

For more information on this topic you are advised to visit the official website of IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for the most accurate and latest information.

study in canada

The method of application for study permit is by first downloading the application form from the IRCC website at You can download the most current application form directly from that website to avoid delays with your request.

Processing time after submission of application varies.

It is important to note that it is impossible to extend your study permit beyond your passport’s date of expiration. If you applied for an extension of study permit before your current study permit expires, you will be allowed to stay in Canada until they make a decision on your application.

The steps to follow to apply for extension of study permit are as follows;

1. Get the things you will need

If you are applying through the online process, you will need an electric scanner or a good camera in order to create clear copies of the required documents. You will also need a valid debit or credit bank card. You should have these things first hand.

2. You need to go through the Instruction Guide

There is also the option of applying through paper if you can’t use the online method. The Instruction Guide contains all the steps and detailed guide to help you through your application process.

3. You will need to prepare your answers to an online tool on the IRCC website

After you have answered the questions there, a personalized document checklist will be created for you from your answers. Be sure to visit the official website for more information.

4. Know that there are fees you will pay

You will be asked to pay your fees at the end of the application. These fees include your processing fees and biometrics fees at the end of the application. These fees include your processing fees and biometrics fees (if you need to give your biometrics i.e, fingerprints and photo).

There are also specific steps to follow when giving your biometrics so go to to read all the information you will need. If you need to give your biometrics, there are designated locations in Canada that do that, a list of these locations are available on the website.

5. To start or apply online, you need to create an account on

This account allows you to pay your processing fees, submit your application or check the status of your application. It is worth mentioning that you can apply for study permit extension through paper application.

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