Are you looking to immigrate to Canada and you are curious as to whether or not, having a job offer in 2019 is necessary? Or perhaps, you just want to be in the know regarding the subject?

Well, if you are wondering if you can immigrate to Canada Without a job offer, the answer is yes! And this isn’t only valid in 2019. It’s been the case since time immemorial.

You don’t necessarily need to have a job offer before you can immigrate to Canada. I mean, there are quite a number of programs through which you can immigrate to Canada without necessarily having a job offer.

immigrate to canada without job offer

Immigrate To Canada Without A Job Offer

While being able to move to Canada is doable without a job offer, having one is a plus. What this means is, if you have a job offer from an employer in Canada, the chances of you being able to move to the country is high compared to when you don’t.

Reason for this is, depending on the employer, some employer tend to help immigrants through the process of being able to move over to work for them. If you are that lucky, you are in luck.

Otherwise, like we earlier mentioned, there are a few programs through which you can immigrate to Canada without necessarily having a job.

If you are skilled, there is a federal skilled worker program. This is evaluated based on your education, work experience abroad, your ability to speak English or French, your age, et cetera.

There is the investor program. This isn’t exactly a program per se. Depending on your net worth and business experience, you can invest in Canada and be able to move to the country at will.

There is also the express entry program. This is perhaps, the most popular method though which you can immigrate to Canada. We even made mention of that in our post where we talked on best 4 ways to immigrate to Canada in 2019. We highly suggest you check out that post.

Canada also has what they call provincial nominee programs (PNPs). Based on this, many provinces have their own immigration programs. Some of these do require a job offer to quality, while others don’t.

In relation to when we mentioned investors program, in Ontario for example, investors can immigrate to the country without a job offer.

There you have it, Guys! Hope this answers your question relating to whether or not, you can move to Canada without a job offer. All the very best!

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