Best Jobs In Canada That Does Not Require A Work Permit

You want to work in Canada but you are not sure you can qualify for a work permit? Not to worry, there are a few jobs in Canada that do not require having a work permit.

Before now, we talked on some jobs in Canada that do not require university degrees.

In this post, we will be doing same for work permits. There are some jobs in Canada that do not require a work permit but they are very few.

Best Jobs In Canada That Does Not Require A Work Permit

Here are Some Jobs In Canada That Does Not Require Work Permit

Incident Inspectors

If there is an accident involving aviation and the investigation requires the assistance of a foreign invidual, those individuals don’t need a work permit to preform their investigation in Canada.

Athletes And Team Members

Amateur or professional athletes, coaches can take part in Canadian sports events without a work permit. If you are a professional athlete working in Canada your spouse will need a work permit if she or he will be moving to Canada with you.


If you want to work in Canada involving Preaching, presiding at religious events or providing spiritual guidance, no work permit will be required. If you want to do this work, you should be able to provide evidence confirming your ability to do the work and you should be able to show that your offer of the religious group and employment is true.

Business Visitor

Be sure to know what a business visitor is. Business visitors must visit Canada base on official business purposes on behalf of their employer without entering the Canadian labour market. A business visitor’s place of work and the source of income must be outside of Canada.


Crew members working on international transportation do not need a work permit for their work in Canada. The requirement is that the mode of transport must be owned or registered by a Canadian company.

Convention Organizers

Organizing corporate meetings, association meetings, exhibition shows, trade shows, won’t require a work permit mostly if the event you are organizing is not for an organization actively doing business in Canada, has a branch in the country or located in Canada.

Farm Work

You don’t need a work permit if you work on a non-commercial farm in Canada as a volunteer. Your main reason for visiting must not be to perform the work but for tourism.

Examiners And Evaluators

Academics mentoring or guiding students who need to travel to Canada to fulfill this purpose can do so without a work permit.

Emergency Service Providers

people who come to Canada to provide emergency relief do not require a work permit.


Work permit isn’t needed if you are entering Canada to be a investigator before a regulatory body, court of law or tribunal.

Implied Status

You can continue working in Canada on an expired work permit provided you have applied for a new permit before the old one expired.

Foreign Representatives

Foreign representatives do not require work permits to be in Canada. These includes Consular officers, diplomats, officials of another country that Canada is part of, representatives.

Foreign Government Officials

Most times, the Canadian government will enter in an agreement with another country allowing a foreign national to come work in a department of the Canadian government,in this case, no work permit is needed. The family of the foreign national are also exempt from a work permit if the agreement between the countries is reciprocal.

Health Care Students

Occupational and physical therapy, Students of medicine, medical technology and nurses can participate in a clerkship without a work permit. They require express permission from a provincial regulatory body.

Referees, Judges And Similar Officials

These officials can work in Canada without a work permit if they are involved in an international amateur sports contest.

News Reporters

If they are reporting in Canada, they are exempt from work permits. You must not be working for a Canadian company in the process. Foreign correspondents are also exempt if they are managerial.

Military Personnel

Military personnel who are serving a country mentioned in the visiting forces act may enter Canada under official instruction without a work permit.

On-campus Work

Foreign students studying at a Canadian institution are allowed to work without a work permit on the campus of the school. You are allowed to work as a teaching assistance or research assistant.

Off-campus Work

Foreign students studying at a Canadian institution with a a valid study permit may perform some work in Canada under circumstances. The work cannot be for more than 20 hours a week during a normal academic semester. You may work full time during periods like summer or winter holidays.

Public Speakers

If you are a commercial speaker or leader of a seminar, you can do this without a work permit under the condition that the event is no longer than 5 days in duration.

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