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jobs to take in canada to have family time

If you are a family man or woman and you have kids that look to see daddy and mummy enough during the day, you definitely want to make time for them.

Many times our jobs are so demanding that we get so little time for family. How do you effectively balance career and family?

jobs to take in canada to have family time

One good way to do this is to get a job that allows you to balance both. There are a number of jobs to take in Canada that are not very demanding and hence will afford you the opportunity to balance career and family. We will mention some of such jobs in this article. Keep reading.

1. Being a Registered Nurse

Because you get a number of shifts as part of your job, you get to spend enough time with your family and children thereby getting that career and family balance! The average registered nurse earns up to $78,700 a year in Canada that means you earn up to $40 per hour. This job gives that family time.

2. Being a digital marketing manager

A good digital marketing manager does the task of managing a brand’s online presence be it their website or social media pages and more. On average, the digital marketing salary is up to $61, 238 a year or that means you earn about $31 an hour. This job is mostly a work from home kind of job therefore you get a career and family balance.

3. Being a computer programmer

As a computer programmer working in Canada, your average yearly salary is up to $55,000 yearly. So, on average a computer programmer will earn up to $27 an hour. Being a computer programmer allows you to have enough time with your family and children as many times, it is a work from home job and you don’t have to go to an office to write the codes.

4. Being a telecommunication engineer

As a telecoms engineer in Canada you can earn up to $102,000 a year and that means you earn up to $52.31 an hour. Being a telecoms engineer allows you to get that career and family balance in Canada in the sense that you don’t have to work for long hours to install telecommunications equipment and do basic computer engineering. So this is another job you can take up on Canada and perfectly balance family and career.

5. Being a software engineer

As a software engineer, you have the potential to earn up to $162,200 a year as an experienced worker but the average earning is $95,412 a year or basically $49 per hour. Being a software engineer is one of the most flexible careers because you can basically work from anywhere so far you have a computer and access to the internet. This means that you have time to spend with family and also you are able to balance it with career.

6. Copywriter/ Content Writer

The average salary for a copywriter in Canada is usually around $55,575 per year. If you are a very experienced copywriter or content writer you can earn up to $90,000 a year while entry workers can earn up to $38,000 for starters. This job requires you to have top notch writing skills and it is totally a work from home job that allows you to have flexible working hours and you also get ample time with your children and family!

In conclusion, the six jobs enumerated above are all fantastic job options for any worker that wishes to earn money and also have a fantastic family time in Canada. We hope you learned something from this article.

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