Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Marriage In Canada

Over time, we’ve talked on a few ways through which you can immigrate to Canada. However, we haven’t exactly mentioned having to immigrate to Canada through marriage.

Hence, if before now, you’ve been curious as to whether or not, migrating to Canada through marriage is doable, the answer is yes! Not only can you immigrate through marriage to Canada, you can also get permanent residence in the country.

As fascinating as that sounds, there are a few things to note though.

Over the years, a considerable number of immigration marriage fraud have led the Canadian government to bring new laws regarding this. Hence, to gain permanent residence in Canada via marriage, it isn’t just about finding a Canadian partner.

Marriage In Canada

In this post, we will be letting you into all of this and what it entails now.

Migrating To Canada Through Marriage

Since October 25, 2012, new regulations have been put in place regarding spouse sponsorship for permanent residency to further curb potential fraud in the Canadian immigration system.

Yes, spouse sponsorship. That’s what it’s called.

The new rule entails that every spouse sponsored to live in Canada and obtain a PR card must be in a legitimate relationship with their spouse for at least two years after their PR card is granted.

This means that, before you can get permanent residency in Canada through marriage, you must be leaving in Canada for a quite a number of days and must be in a legitimate relationship with your spooner first at least two years. This went into effect since October.

Having said that, let’s talk on other vital matters considering the subject matter.

Eligibility For Spouse Sponsorship

Basically, the eligibility for spouse sponsorship is being able to be fully responsible for your significant other. By that, We mean being able to financially support their stay in the country as the Canadian government is not willing to take on unnecessary burdens to its society.

Asides that, both parties must be void of crimes. By that, we mean both parties haven’t committed any crimes.

Application Process

OK, there are two ways this can be seen. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada through marriage, your spouse pretty much has to be the one doing most of the work. He/she has to help you move to Canada. However, you’d have to apply for permanent residence at a case processing center in Canada. That of course, requires you being in Canada already for a long time and being in a relationship with your spouse for at least, 2 years.

Your spouse also have to submit an application to sponsor you at the same time. Keep in mind that medical screening and background checks are done and if you don’t pass these tests, you won’t be permitted entry into Canada via this method.

How Long Does Spouse Sponsorship Take?

Well, after your application has been submitted and every document necessary submitted, it can take a little over a month for it to be processed. When this time elapses, you will be informed whether or not, the application was accepted or otherwise.

For this reason, it’s advised that you take extreme care when applying. Make sure all the data provided are correct and up to date. If you make an error, your application may not be rejected but it will take longer for it to be granted.

What To Do Pending The Approval?

Well, pending the time the application is approved or otherwise, you can track the progress with the CIC. This of course, is for the person bringing the spouse into Canada. If you are the one going into canada through marriage, your spouse should equip you with all the details necessary. He/she should also keep you in the know regarding the process.

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