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Canada Start-up Visa

The Canada start-up visa program is a visa program exclusively for business owners that wish to establish their businesses in Canada. These businesses must have the potential to compete on a global level.

The aim of this Canada visa startup program is to bring all entrepreneurs and business-minded people that have innovative and groundbreaking ideas, in order to provide more job opportunities for Canadians.

This start-up visa program is one that every entrepreneur interested in immigrating into Canada should try to grab.

Apart from the benefits of being picked to start a business in Canada, you also are eligible to other benefits like,

Canada Start-up Visa

– You could be granted permanent resident status with this Visa,
– You can be granted a Canadian citizenship status in the long run!

What do you need to apply for Canada start-up visa program?

What are some steps you can take? We will look at them in this article. But first, you should know the basic requirements before you can apply. The basic requirements are;

1. Do you have a qualifying business?

What does a qualifying business mean? It means that important parts of the business must happen in Canada. It also means that the business must be incorporated in Canada, you must give active management of this business from inside Canada and so on. You can check the official Canada immigration website for more information on what a qualifying business fully means.

2. You must have a letter of support from business organisations that have been approved to support or invest in business start-ups.

You will need this letter before you can apply for the start-up visa program to Canada. How do you get it? You need to first apply to one of the designated business organisations by contacting them and asking for their support.

The start-up organisations have to be convinced that your business idea is worth supporting or investing in. Once they have accepted to support you, get the letter of support from the designated startup organisation. Once you have reached an agreement with them, they will definitely send you a Letter of Support.

This Letter of Support has to be submitted when applying for a startup visa in Canada. Also the designated organisation will send a commitment certificate directly to the Canada immigration and visa services.

It is these two requirements that they will use to process your application. That is, the Letter of Support that you submitted and the commitment certificate that was sent to them.

3. Include the results of your language test for either French or English languages or both, in your application.

Your application will not be processed if you do not show that you meet the language requirements. There is a minimum level of CLB (that is Canadian Language Benchmark) that you must meet in either French or English languages in four major areas which include speaking, reading, listening and writing. You must meet the minimum language skills for your application to be processed.

4. Do you have enough money to settle down in Canada?

Because the Canadian government does not give financial support to new immigrants who came in via the startup visa, you need to show proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents. Also you are not allowed to borrow this money. The amount needed as proof depends on your family size.

We’ve talked on how much it costs on average to live in Canada. If you want to get on insight on what to expect, we recommend checking out this post.

The above four requirements are necessary to submit your application. If you don’t meet any of the requirements above, your application for the Canada start-up visa program will be refused.

After you have confirmed that you meet the requirements, then the next step to take is to Apply. First, you need to get the Application Package. Find out more on that on the Canadian immigration site.

The Application Package contains the application form and a document checklist. After completing the application package, you should pay your application fees and biometric fees. After all that, you can submit your application for processing. For more information, do visit and search for “start-up visa immigration” to learn more from their website.

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