Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
woman working in dubai

The UAE is a lucrative choice if you are a job seeker, as availability of jobs in UAE, working environment and living environment are good. If you are looking for greener pastures or perhaps, you want to try something new, UAE and canada could be resourceful places to check out for job opportunities and better living.

Getting a job in Dubai, here are some things you should know.

woman working in dubai

Dubai Currency

The Dubai currency is Dirhams(Dhs), also called Arab Emirates Dirham(AED). There are money exchanges all over the country in various shopping malls.

Visa and Passport

As an expatriate, you will need a passport and a work visa valid for a minimum of three months to enter and work in UAE. If you’ve already secured a job in Dubai, your employer will arrange the work visa and permit for you.


You will be entitled to annual leave of 30 calendar days. This accounts for 22 days of paid vacation. Norms, the professionals are not allowed to avail any paid sick leave during the probation period. All public holidays are paid and they don’t constitute an employee’s annual leave.

Working Hours

Working hours in Dubai are nine hours per day. People typically work 47 hours a week.

Cost Of Living

Cost of living in Dubai is high. Real estate is expensive and this accounts to higher costs of living.

Pay Entitlements

End of service Gratuity(ESG) is a major pay entitlement provided to an expatriate working in UAE for more than a year. ESG includes a salary of 21 days annually, of the first years of service and a salary of 30 days for every additional year of service.

Local Time And Code

The UAE time zone is approximately GMT + 04.00. The international country code is +971.

Health Care Centres

Health care in UAE is efficacious with a number of public hospitals and other healthcare centers in place.


The official language is Arabic. Foreign countries like Hindi, English, Farsi, Urdu and Malayalam are often spoken across the UAE. Most of the airlines, hotels, restaurants and malls prefer employing multilingual workers.

Multi-cultural Society

More than 80% professionals are expatriates from all over the world, so you can have a multi-cultural experience. You can gain from many opportunities and learn about different countries, ideologies, religions,cusine and people.


Islam is the official religion in UAE. Though, in cities like Dubai, employers are respectful and tolerant to all religions.

Social Conventions

This include respecting and observing Islamic laws wherever possible. Men are to dress formally and women modestly for most occasions. Dubai is quite modern, hence modern attires are acceptable. Smoking is allowed in certain areas, except Ramadan when drinking, eating or smoking in public is illegal.


Dubai has a lot of shopping malls, supermarkets and souks to give u a good saving experience. With great quality products,some real cheap gold and electronics,the UAE is the place to be.


If you are used to littering everywhere,this may get you in a mess. Laws are very strict and you may have to pay huge fines if you are caught in such act which not in compliance with the UAE laws.

Automobiles And Cheap Petrol

If you are a car person, the UAE can be your dream destination. It is so easy to get a pre-owned luxury car or SUV at pretty decent prices. Petrol is cheap as well.

Working and living in UAE has certain prospects and consistent,but life here can be made quite blissful if one sticks to the norms and blends in comfortably.

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