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convince a canadian employer to employ you

As a foreigner and an immigrant into Canada, you definitely want to find a well paying job to secure in order to support yourself during your stay.

The unemployment rate in Canada is very low and employers are definitely on the lookout for the right person to do a particular job for them.

So, as a job seeker looking for a befitting job for your talents and qualifications, you should be looking actively at ways in which you can convince an employee in Canada and if you know where to look, you will find an employer looking for an employee with the right skills like you do.

convince a canadian employer to employ you

So let’s look at some of the skills a Canadian employer wants to see most in a potential employee.

1. Effective Communication Skills

Your Canadian employer usually will be very concerned about your interactive skills. Good communication skills include listening carefully while your employer is talking to you, sending the right body language signals, your friendliness, your ability to pass your message in a clear and concise manner. These skills are really important if you want your employer to hire you.

2. Leave a good first impression and possess a positive attitude

Make sure that you arrive for your interview with your Canadian employer on time, you definitely don’t want to be late on your first meeting as this speaks of you not being serious on your part. Part of positive attitude is also asking appropriate questions at the right time and avoid unreasonable questions.

Also, you should try to dress well for the interview, usually a corporate dressing of a suit on pants/ skirts is very good. Once you leave a good impression, it won’t be hard for the Canadian employer to be convinced that you are right for the job.

3. Honesty

Make your words don’t contradict. Make sure that what you have in your CV correlates with what you tell the employer. Your employer has to think that you are a honest and reliable person to work with in order for him to consider putting you on his team. This means that you cannot afford to allow any inconsistencies to suffice in your resume or in your answers as well.

4. Ability to work in a team

This is a skill that many Canadian employers will look out for in their employees. You have to show strong signs that you can work effectively with the team you are grouped with. This means that you need good communication skills, good conflict resolution skills, good decision making skills, you need to be reliable and much more. Develop these skills to convince a Canadian employer.

5. Doing your background work about the company

When you have done your research on the company you are applying to, and you know basic information about them, this impresses the employer. It shows your employer that you really want the job and you really are interested in working with the company. This will ultimately convince your Canadian employer that you will make a good hire. So, make sure that you read up on the Canadian company’s background information.

In conclusion, a Canadian employer is not much different from any other employer in the world. Once you show how skilled you are as a job candidate, you will have higher chances of convincing an employer to pick you.

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